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 I just wanted to say that to me the men I do see they aren't clients to me you're actually a date to me it's our date and I feel that is a luxury I really do and I feel that's what makes me unique people could judge me on it but that's how I've learned to do things and that's what makes me happy and that's what makes my face happy I am your temporary girlfriend for our time together and I am tired of being Stones by people on forums because I make it such a big deal that I am low volume there is nothing wrong with that really do you want my body against yours knowing it was just touch 2 hours prior by another gentleman so with that said I do keep my clientele AKA dates under a certain number so please don't get offended if I did not you it's nothing personal goal and I just want to say I will never bash another provider there are all gorgeous and they're all unique in their own ways and you just have to find your perfect match with one and for any newbies who haven't met me yet can you please please send me an email with the references that I ask because just going back and forth back and forth with the emails I should get paid alone for that I feel like a secretary and as some regulars me know yes I was in a really bad accident a few days ago I'm okay in healing I will be doing a few out called next week as well as my monthly in called during the weekend at my luxury and call location love and hugs to all of you please stay safe okay